10″ Wide Aluminum Truss is our premium line of truss. Unlike our mini truss (6″ Wide Aluminum Truss and 9″ Wide Aluminum Truss), 10″ Wide Aluminum Truss uses 2″ Chords (the outer tubes) and 1/2″ Webs (the spars in between). This gives 10″ Wide Aluminum Truss greater load bearing properties, and better for larger truss displays and banner structures.  This also holds true for Start and Finish Line structures made from 10″ product. 10″ Wide Aluminum Truss is our most popular size of truss. It can be used for a variety of purposes including, but not limited to, start and finish lines, truss lighting structures, kiosks, banner backdrops, step and repeat banner walls. and just about anything you can imagine. 10″ Wide Aluminum Truss is a medium duty aluminum truss provides more hanging power for LED and LCD TVs and Flat Screen TV mounts. Perfect also for retail environments. Like all of our truss, it is aluminum truss, making it very lightweight, but maintains durability, and comes in all profile shapes including Box (Square) Truss, Triangle Truss, and Ladder (Flat) Truss.

10″ Wide Truss Offered in 2-Chord (Ladder), 3-Chord (Triangle), and 4-Chord (Box)

Manufactured with 1″Ø Chords and 5/16″Ø Webs


  • Main Tube: 2″Ø (50.8mmØ) x 16 s.w.g. wall (1.6mmT)
  • Lacing Spars: 1/2″Ø (12.7mmØ) x 16 s.w.g. wall (1.6mmT)
  • Material: 6005-T6 Aluminum


Why Choose 10″ Wide Aluminum Truss?

Why Choose 10″ Wide Aluminum Truss? If you are looking for a bolder appearing truss, a more load bearing truss, then this is the truss for you! This is considered medium sized truss. 10″ Wide Aluminum Truss also offers ease of setup with the use of optional Quick Clips. Unlike our mini truss, quick clips can be used with our 2″ Chord Truss Systems  (10″,12″,18″,24″ wide truss), allowing for a tool-free set up. 10″ Wide Truss is also ideal for truss systems that have longer spans. It is extremely durable and lightweight. We have a wide range of standard aluminum and modular truss components and systems. If you cannot find what you are looking for, contact us about custom truss fabrication, which we can do at no extra charge.

Standard in stock 10″ 4-Chord (Square or Box) Display Truss Lengths, Parts and Junctions

Standard in stock 10″ 3-Chord (Triangle) Display Truss Lengths, Parts and Junctions


Explore Our Other Truss Profile Sizes

10″ Wide Aluminum Truss not right for the job? Explore our other truss profile sizes by clicking the panels below. We carry a wide range  of truss sizes including 6″ Wide Min Truss and 9″ Wide Truss (Our mini truss line) as well as 12″ wide aluminum truss, 18″ wide aluminum truss, and 24″ wide aluminum heavy duty truss. Whether its a smaller truss profile size or a more heavy duty and more load bearing truss size, we have the truss for the job. 10″ wide aluminum truss does suit a variety of jobs and can suit most applications, whether a small or large display exhibit or truss system.

6″ Wide Mini Truss and 9″ Wide Aluminum Truss are our smallest profile sizes/widths. Mini Truss is used for smaller trade show displays and truss systems that do not require long spans. Even though smaller in size, 6″ wide aluminum truss and 9″ wide aluminum truss are very durable and rigid and can still support a lot of trade show accessories such as LCD TVs and LED TVs, banners, banner support arms, shelves, and truss lighting.

12″ Wide Aluminum Truss

12″ Wide Aluminum Truss is slightly larger than our premium 10″ Wide Aluminum Truss. If slightly more strength, durability, and rigidity is required, than 12″ Wide Aluminum Truss is right for you. 12″ Wide Aluminum Truss is used for trade show truss systems, convention displays, finish lines and start lines, exhibit display booths, and banner and sign frames.

18″ wide aluminum truss and 24″ wide aluminum truss are our heavy duty truss sizes. If you need to cover large spans or support a lot of weight, then our heavy duty lighting truss can do the job. 18″ and 24″ wide heavy duty truss is lightweight, durable and can be transported to any venue or site. Heavy duty truss is used for supporting heavy duty lighting truss, lights, moving heads, and more entertainment-based approach to trussing.

Exhibit and Display Truss has over 30 years experience and a huge wealth of knowledge in products, services and customer care. We work hard to provide you “The Right Stuff” and our aluminum truss displays are second to none. Our history in the sound and lighting industry has provided us many insights into thousands of businesses and day to workings of peoples lives and product needs. Aluminum truss displays and exhibits for trade shows and convention booths has become our focus and we strive to meet the needs of customers perfectly with every order. We can custom fabricate just about anything you can imagine using our aluminum trussing and trusses. We never settle for ordinary and we always provide customers with the best flexibility in the trusses, parts and junctions used to configure their truss display booth. Museum displays, retail environments, kiosks, finish line or starting line systems. If you can imagine it let us help you create it and bring your vision to life. See common terms and language used to describe trade show exhibit and display systems in our glossary. We stock hundreds of preconfigured truss systems but we are always ready and able to custom make or alter anything to meet your specific needs.



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