Photo Gallery of Finish & Start Line Kits

The most creative finish line and starting lines systems on the planet. Small or large races, competitive racing events and charity marathons.

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All our systems use the Exhibit and Display Truss aluminum truss designs for triathlon’s and marathons. Anything can be configured or created for you – quickly and within your budget. We carry a large line up of field proven standard systems which can be altered to suit your specific needs, or we can fabricate an aluminum trussing finish line to meet your exact dimensions and specifications.
We have the best prices and the best finish line systems in the nation.
Don’t be fooled by imitations and designs trying to look the same as EDT aluminum truss finish line systems.
We bring over 30 years of experience to the table and create a system suited exactly to your needs to make sure you get the best value and functionality for your event.
Don’t settle for the  “off the shelf” items that another company is trying to sell to you.  We know that your event is important to you, so we make sure we go the distance to ensure that you have exactly what you need – so you can focus your attention on making your event a success and have the peace of mind knowing that your start/finish line is rock solid, beautiful, functional and worry free.

Let us create the exact system for your needs. It won’t cost you more and it will be guaranteed to serve you well for decades.
Fast to assemble, lightweight and portable aluminum truss finish line and starting line systems from EDT and Light Design Systems. We have created some of the most advanced portable finish lines trusses in the nation. We have a huge wealth of knowledge based on customer feed back and experiences. All of this has been integrated into our professional start and finish line structures. Entrance ways, Starting lines or Finish line systems, they all have little details that make them different, and it’s those details we work into all our systems. We take the mistakes other suppliers have made and work with you and your team to ensure those mistakes disappear. We’ll work hard to get you “The Right Stuff” for your race, marathon or triathlon event.

10K 5K 2K Half Marathon Triathlon or any Race


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